Grace Fellowship's Reconciliation Ministries

Reconciling people first to God
and then to others

What Reconciliation Ministries Has Meant To Me PDF Print E-mail


   Reconciliation Ministries has given me a new lease on life.  I’m sure that if I didn’t have the group to go to, and the positive influence of the Ministry, I would not have changed my life in a positive way.  I imagine I would probably still be smoking and drinking.  My life would be dark and dreary.  I have regained my relationship with GOD!  I no longer smoke, or drink alcohol.  Every day I take more and more positive steps to improve my life.  I am living a much more positive lifestyle – mentally, physically, and spiritually!


   At the jail, Reconciliation Ministries is a very positive influence!  It is something to look forward to!  It brings people to know GOD who may have never known Him before.  It is a very positive program!


   I look forward to going to group three times a week when I am available!


Lindsey now is an usher and labels the message CDs for the church.

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