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Folks Who Are Really Hurting and Need Someone Who Cares PDF Print E-mail

     Recently we were blessed by meeting Pastor Joanie Ruggles at the Grace Fellowship Church.  We are experiencing trouble that we in the past didn’t think was possible for us.  Pastor Joanie was there at the church as she is every Sunday and most other days.  Pastor Joanie accepted us in her unique way like no one else has done Pastor Joanie shared prayers, hope, and warmth that have stayed with us to this very day.  Pastor Joanie doesn’t seem to need any sleep, because she is available by phone whenever we call.


     Faith in something as invisible as God is a very difficult concept to present to others.  Pastor Joanie gave us a glimpse of God as she knows Him and that was like a refreshing breath of spring.  We like to call Pastor Joanie our Pastor. She is a pastor and she really needs to be.  We believe Pastor Joanie’s faith and caring for others makes her a walking, talking, doing person who is extremely valuable in all that she is involved in.


     We are both blind, and discrimination unfortunately is still widespread and dangerous.  Pastor Joanie’s personal experience with being blind gave us new insight in a part of our lives that most people rarely understand.


     We believe in Pastor Joanie and count her as a good and trusted friend as well as a spiritual adviser.  We sometimes wonder if we are dumping too many of our problems on Pastor Joanie, however she never complains and says whenever we call or visit her in person “God Bless this is Pastor Joanie.”


     Pastor Joanie is the kind of person who organizes, is trust worthy, and needs to be doing just exactly what she is doing.  We hope we can help her in what she is endeavoring to do for our community.  Pastor Joanie provides a warm greeting, Biblical counseling and when appropriate, a warm hug for folks who are really hurting and need someone who cares.


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