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My name is Melody and my life has been transformed completely by the grace of God. He's made Benny a man of God and also my husband. We were married at Grace Fellowship on July 12, 2009 and we are very blessed to call everyone at Grace Fellowship our family.


Growing up we both were surrounded by drugs, alcohol and violence. Our parents were divorced and we both were pretty much raised by our moms and step dads. Benny grew up in the city around drugs and crime and I grew up in a small rich town full of money and drugs.


We met through mutual friends while partying. Then we soon became business partners. Nothing legal of course, we were constantly around each other then later became a couple. Four months later I became pregnant with my first child. This was a turning point for me. I wanted nothing but to be a good parent and have a happy family. I stayed sober and tried my best to keep Benny sober as well. "That didn't work!” We had domestic violence. I became pregnant with our second child and things didn't improve. If anything I think it got worse. The violence became more frequent.


I then thought maybe if I started partying he would stay home and party instead of leaving us for days. We often went out together and things just got out of control. We were both stuck in bondage.

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I ended up in jail for domestic violence and was unable to see my kids when I got out.

I packed my stuff and moved in with my mom and the kids shortly moved in as soon as the restraining order was dropped. I couldn't ever forgive myself for everything that had happened and what my kids had gone through. I was sad that we were no longer a family. I felt I had failed in keeping our family together and failed as a mother. I was stuck in bondage and was lost in the world
trying to numb my pain and just making things worse instead of sobering up and being the mother I should have been.


Benny, shortly after, was charged with domestic violence and was sentenced to do time in the halfway house I then had to vacate the home my kids had grown up in and throw away most of our belongings. Even our family dog had to be re
homed. We continued contact but mainly argued about finances and the kids. I already had lost hope of ever being a family again and was
living life my way and too caught up in my own little world.


I knew Benny was attending Grace Fellowship Church and the “Walking it Out” program. He often invited me to attend with him, but I just wasn't interested. Months went by and I continued living my life my way and watched the pain I was causing my kids. They often cried for their dad asking when he was coming home from jail. I never gave them a good answer because I thought we would not be together again.


Well, God had other plans Benny was released from the halfway house and asked if he could move in with us and try to work things out. He mentioned Reconciliation Ministries’ and “Steps of Relationship”. He said it was couples counseling. He said, if that didn't work he would move out and leave me alone. So I agreed. We went to counseling and took part in the “Walking it Out” program. Benny got baptized. I gave my life to the
Lord and made a commitment to build a strong relationship with Benny the way God wants us to, and not the way I wanted to. I wanted to be cleansed of all the the bad things in my life and start new so I decided to get baptized as well. God has restored my family and has made a great change in our lives we now live for God and we wouldn't want it any other way. Our children our very happy and now have us to teach them about God and how great He is to us. I am also glad to say that our family dog has also been reunited with us. Now, I know that God had a reason for everything that happened and I’m excited to see what He has in store for us next. We are so grateful that through the “Walking It Out” program and Reconciliation Ministries we have been given tools to use in our lives. Most of all, we have God in our lives and we couldn't ask for more. I also can't close without saying, for those who are reading or hearing our testimony please understand that there is hope, no matter what you’re going through. But, this occurs only when you change your way to God’s way. So make him number one in your life. It’s the most awesome thing ever!


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