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I began my addiction to alcohol and drugs at the age of twelve.  I was introduced by my peers to acid, marijuana, downers and alcohol.  I began having blackouts and as a result I lost my virginity.  I was stealing and arrested.  After graduating from high school at the age of seventeen, I began using cocaine.  At nineteen I was sneaking into bars.  At twenty I was dating drug dealers to support my cocaine habit. I was arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover agent.  I was sentenced to five years in prison and was released after one year. 


At the age of twenty-three I was married and one year later gave birth to a cocaine-addicted baby.  She was very small and very sick.  My husband left me for another woman six weeks after my baby’s birth. I went through a nasty custody battle which I won.  I tried to support my baby by waiting tables, but the tips only paid for my daycare.  I began waiting tables at night at a topless club for more money. Before the night was over I was on stage dancing naked.  Working there it was very convenient to access drugs and unlimited drinks.  I had two DUI’s in one year driving home from work.  I met a parolee at the club.   He was gorgeous and had a great job, nice home, and an endless supply of cocaine.  I quit my job and moved in with him.  His parole officer came to the home and found firearms and a large amount of cocaine.  We went back to prison and my ex-husband was given custody of my daughter. 

Upon release I became pregnant. I gave the baby up for adoption because the relationship was so abusive and he and I were alcoholics. 


At thirty I married a heroin addict.  I got four DUI’s at that time.  When I found out I was pregnant again I decided I wanted this child. I made some changes for the first time in my life.  I went into treatment, divorced my addict husband, and began working as an office manager.  I soon had my own two-bedroom apartment. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and started repairing my relationships with family.

 After one and a half years I gave in to stress.  I fell back to crack cocaine.  I started one day after work and I never went back home.  I abandoned my little girl, my job, and my cute home all for drugs once again. 

I was living on Colfax in sleazy motels selling my body as a prostitute.  One night I was out running around looking for drugs.  The car I was riding in hit a parked car going seventy miles an hour.  I awoke in the hospital thirty days later from a coma with brain damage and was paralyzed from the waist down.  After extensive surgeries on my spine, and months and months of rehabilitation, I could finally walk with assistance. I stayed straight and received employment as an apartment manager. I had a beautiful three-bedroom apartment and began weekend visits with my daughter. 

Before long I had my fifth DUI, went to jail, lost my job, and fell back into drugs. This time it was meth. I was again living in a hotel room and working as a prostitute.  I got arrested and was put back into the Larimer County Detention Center. 

While in Larimer County Detention Center I realized that at thirty-eight I was one of the oldest women there.  I needed to make life long changes or I feared I was going to die, end up in an insane asylum, or worse; Hell. 


I heard about a church named Grace Fellowship on College Avenue.  I heard that it was “sinner-friendly” (meaning that they didn’t judge you by your past).  The week I was released I attended a service at Grace Fellowship.  After the service this lady approached me as if she knew my life and how badly I was seeking salvation. I met with her and she told me that I was lovable; that Jesus truly loved me after all my sins.  That He still loved me and forgave me.  She loved me too and showed me that love. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and asked Him to be the Lord of my heart and life.  She was like an angel that Jesus had sent to me.  She truly cared and put me under her wing.  I was counseled by her three times a week. I attended Bible study, groups, and church service on Sundays and she had me call her every morning for accountability.  My angels name is Pastor Joanie Ruggles. The Lord Jesus saved my life using Pastor Joanie. Her Walking It Out program works for those who truly repent and want freedom from the bondage of drugs and alcohol.


 I have been sober now for over 6 years now.  I have not been back to jail. I attend church and Bible studies at a Foursquare Church in Thornton, Colorado where I now live to be closer to my children and family.  I still have physical challenges from my accident which I cope with by the grace of God.  My children spend weekends with me. I even have a relationship with my second child I gave up for adoption at birth.  My life now has purpose and reason and for once I can truly say I enjoy life and my family likes to spend time with me. Pastor Joanie still comes to visit me a couple times a year and we love to talk about the Lord.  My girls are starting to make their own choices about the Lord Jesus Christ and I hope one day to see them being baptized by Pastor Joanie.


Thank you for your program Pastor Joanie and for helping to save my precious life!


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