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I was born in Denver, Colorado in 1980. I never knew my dad and hardly saw my mom.


I ended up staying with my aunt and uncle who took custody of me because of my mom’s anger and her drinking. When I was twelve I returned to live with my mom and grandmother. At thirteen I joined a gang.  I was in trouble with the law and started going in and out of jail. I started doing drugs and alcohol and became addicted to them. I thought getting high would make me feel better but, it didn’t.  I almost died many times. In 2006 I got a chance to move to Fort Collins and move away from Denver. So I moved hoping this would change my life and make it better. But after only three months I was arrested and charged with third degree assault.  I went to court and received a sentence to probation.  I got out of jail on probation but shortly I found myself back in jail facing another change.  I got out on that charge and was on probation for only eight days when I found myself back in jail again with another probation violation.  At that point I got tired of living my life in and out of jail.


I said, “Lord I can’t do it no more. If you are real God then take over.” With that surrender and a little mustard seed of faith, my soul was healed and I was set free. I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Pastor Dave baptized me in water at the jail.


I was looking at a sentence of twelve years in the Colorado Department of Corrections. I surrendered again to God and said to Him, “Whatever you want Father, let it be done.” I went to court and the next thing you know I am out on probation.


I joined the “Walking It Out” program at Grace Fellowship. God has put wonderful brothers and sisters of the Lord in my path.  Now I am married and have a wonderful family at home and a great church family too. I am learned the more I stay away from what is not honorable, and put on God and follow His Word, the more I am able to be used by God for honorable purposes. God has gifted me with music and now I sing rap music for my LORD and He is using me for His higher purpose.  I thank the LORD for my new life and that He is showing through my life that, “Greater is He that is in me then he that is in the world.  Thank You Daddy!  I Love You!


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