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    I was born in Hazard, Ky.  My mother was an older woman-age 55.  For reasons unknown for certain I was put up for adoption.. I was adopted at one year old and was raised for 13 years by abusive parents.  From 13 years of age to 18 years of age, I was a ward of the state of Colorado and spent a number of years in group homes  and juvenile detention centers. 

    At 18 years of age, I was released as a ward of the state of Colorado and had nowhere to go but the streets.  At that time, I was introduced to drugs and alcohol.  Almost right away, I became addicted to the drug meth.  It took complete control of my life for many years to follow.  In 2003, after 21 years of addiction to meth, I was arrested for possession of meth.  While in jail, I met Pastor Dave Huntwork and made a decision to turn my life over to the Lord and was baptized. 


    I was released from jail and put on probation.  While on probation, I relapsed back into my drug addiction and went back to jail and was sentenced to the halfway house followed by prison.  While in prison, my wife told me about the Walking It Out program at Grace Fellowship and I agreed to start work in the program... Upon release, I started work in the program and it has made a major difference in my life, showing me that the Lord has better things for me in my life. 


    Since March 2005, I have been clean and sober but was unsure how to stay clean and be happy as a child of God.  Since starting the Walking It Out program, God has showed me the way to stay clean and let go of my past.  As long as I continue to walk it out and keep my eyes on the Lord, my future as a man of God has no limits. 

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