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Two years ago I experienced my greatest loss. I became angry and I blamed God. I couldn’t understand His plan. I believed he had abandoned me. I began my worldly walk, which led to my addiction to meth. Within a few months I lost everything.  I let my hate grow.  Eventually I had an encounter with the judicial system.  I was charged with distribution of a controlled substance, aggravated motor vehicle theft, evading including criminal impersonation, identity theft, forgery, paraphernalia, and false information.


One night I was in my cell when I heard my name.  I was a  “Red Tag” on 23 hour a day lock down and when this lady named Joanie Ruggles asked to speak to me about God, I jumped on the opportunity to have time out of my cell.  I had ulterior motives, but before I knew it, I had spilled my guts to this woman. As I accepted Jesus back into my life, I felt an intense heat like a fever, then I felt peace for the first time in a long time.  On April 2, 2008, Joanie and God were present at my sentencing.  I was going to prison for three years on these cases, of which I had already done a year.  There was no other alternative.  I had been denied for every program because I was considered a violent offender with management risks.  As the judge, District Attorney and my Public Defender were negotiating how many years to send me to the Colorado State Department of Corrections, Joanie and I prayed.  It seemed as if the sun came out in the courtroom and the lights got brighter.  All of the sudden, the judge decided to go against all recommendations and to the shock of everyone in the courtroom, the judge court ordered me to three years of Intensive Supervised Probation along with three years in the Walking It Out program led by Joanie Ruggles. 


I have been out for two weeks.  My walk still has struggles. I have even succumbed to temptations. But Joanie would not let me go.  There was a point when I felt harassed and stalked by her.  “Why wouldn’t this woman leave me alone?” I thought. It is because she cares.  This is something I never had experienced in my whole life.  Out of habit I tried to push her away before she had a chance to leave me.  She only pursued me with God’s love more.  Joanie and God have taught me love.  I have found a healthy support system through the Walking It Out program. I now know I will be okay.  I am going to make it. I have a God who loves me. I have Joanie, Grace Fellowship Church, and the Walking It Out program, and most important Jesus in my life. 


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