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Before I came to Grace Fellowship’s Reconciliation Ministries I was angry, ashamed, and I felt guilty and unwanted. I was hopeless. I felt like giving up. All I wanted to do was give up and get high.


When I came to the ministry I started to believe in the Lord. I was surrounded by people who shined. I was realizing that the people that I was hanging around were not my friends, but that they were there to bring me down.  I started going to church and realized that there were good people in the world.  I started Bible study and biblical counseling with my sweet Joanie.  Joanie helped me to see things in a different way.  I started to look at myself honestly. I looked at some things that I was doing wrong and she helped me to change. I began to see that there was good in the world. I began to have hope.  Joanie helped me let go of my anger. She helped me to see that there was good in me. When I was wrong I could get up again and that there were people who were there to stand by me and love me.  I knew then that I was not alone. I knew that I had the Lord to help me and that He put others around me who cared.  I began to see that I might be able to help others.   I started caring again and started to hope in my future. I see now that God might use what I have been through. I believed in myself enough that I was able to go to school to fulfill a dream of mine to do hair.  I am now in school (done with hair) and going on to skin and nails in the fall. 


I still knew I had a big challenge coming. My husband was coming home after being in prison for two years. I struggled because of the situation and Joanie was there for us both to see things in a different way. She helped my husband and I to see a different way. We see that the Lord can and will heal us.  We have seen that the Lord is our most powerful authority.  He puts us under authority.  When we follow those authorities over us, things will go better for us. 


We are now going through the Steps of Relationship. God is healing our marriage.  We are looking forward to a new wedding day to celebrate our new life.   My husband and myself are part of  “Walking It Out”  We are going to meetings and counseling.  We are seeing each other, God and the world in a different and better way.  We have hope.

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