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When I came into Joanie’s office both my marriage and I were a mess.  All I knew is that I didn’t want to be married anymore.  Joanie told me that God had given her a vision with the faces of people who were hurting and broken.  She said I was one of the faces in that vision.  She had seen my face before I had ever crossed her path.  It was amazing to me that God had loved me so much.  He had put me in a vision so someone would start praying for me before I would ever meet her!  It also established a trust in me for her as well as a deeper one for God. 


She began to meet with me first.  After a while she met with both my husband and I.  She took us through the steps of relationship.  It gave my husband and I a do over.  We were able to start over and renew everything in our relationship.  We got married anew.   We had a little wedding in the park on a beautiful summer day with our new church family from Grace Fellowship Church.  My husband and I are now youth leaders in the church.  I am involved with women’s group and my husband is involved with men’s group.  Our lives have been truly restored because of how God used Reconciliation Ministries to reconcile us to each other and to God.  I thank God every day that Joanie and Reconciliation Ministries were there us when we needed them. 

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